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The PW6 with PANCAM provides the safest way to operate an In-Car Video System with no officer intervention required to get the most complete picture, every time. Patrol Witness’ advanced mobile digital video solutions change the way video enhances officer performance in the field. Our combination of the new PW6 DVR with PANCAM provides the…
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TVS6 Taxi Camera/Video System

Overview The 247Security Taxi Camera System is specifically designed to capture events which can be used in a court of law to aid in the prosecution of criminal acts committed in and around taxis. The indisputable evidence captured will prevent fraudulent insurance claims and help reduce your liability. Driver behavior can also be monitored to…
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ZEUS 6S Mobile Digital Video System

Overview ZEUS 6S (Z6S) is the world’s smallest footprint 6-channel Vehicle-Mounted Digital Video Recorder with integrated lock-box design that is 100% solid state (no moving parts), and supports one month video storage of your school bus. The compact and durable Z6S mobile DVR can simultaneously record high-quality video and audio, from 8 channels at 720×480…
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ZEUS PRO Mobile Digital Video System

Overview Whether its Wireless & GPS integration, or just basic bare-bones video, the new ZEUS PRO Mobile Digital Video System delivers all the right features in an affordable package for Pupil Transportation, Law Enforcement, Public Safety, and Land Transportation Logistics. Advanced functioning 30-30 Vision™ provides the best view on ALL cameras. Ground-breaking Hybrid Drive Technology…
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Overview TME’s introduction of the 6000Series marks the beginning of the All-Digital Era for Digital Video Recorders. Packed with the latest technology and premium features normally found on high end DVR’s, the mDVR6002 has brought digital video performance and made it available to those whose only option was VHS. With the mDVR6002 offering rugged solid…
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