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TVS6 Taxi Camera/Video System

TVS6 Taxi Camera/Video System


The 247Security Taxi Camera System is specifically designed to capture events which can be used in a court of law to aid in the prosecution of criminal acts committed in and around taxis.

The indisputable evidence captured will prevent fraudulent insurance claims and help reduce your liability.

Driver behavior can also be monitored to identify and correct poor driving habits, which can help prevent accidents before they happen. If a collision or panic situation is detected, the TVS6 will automatically alert the dispatch center; uploading images, GPS location and vehicle status, sent over the cellular network.

The 247Security Taxi Camera System has been proven as an effective camera solution, deployed in multiple cities, with over 15,000 units installed in New York City alone.


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  • Image Quality: Up to six ultra high quality cameras provide sharp, crisp images to ensure facial identification
  • Rugged: Engineered specifically for Mobile and Harsh environment applications
  • 3G/4G Cellular Live View: On-demand request for images, location, speed and events
  • Panic Button: Images recorded from pressing the panic button are saved in a secure location and cannot be overwritten for a minimum of 7 days, giving ample time for authorized personnel to perform the image retrieval
  • USB Dongle Security Keys: Our image retrieval software requires a USB Dongle Security key to ensure the legal chain-of-custody and public privacy is maintained
  • Images Retention: Up to 60 days
  • 3G/4G Cellular Emergency Alert: When “Panic” button is pressed, live images, event information and GPS location are automatically sent to dispatch or law enforcement agency
  • Driver Behaviour Monitor your driver to increase better driving behaviors and lower maintenance costs. Images are recorded whenever the G-Sensor detects excessive acceleration/ braking, hard cornering or a collision. Capturing these events will also reduce insurance claim costs.


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FeaturesTVS6 Specifications
CameraImaging technology: 1/3″ CCD or CMOS Single Camera Lens: High Definition 2.9mm/ 3.6mm/ 4.3mm Lens Dual Camera Lens: High Definition 4.3mm/5.5mm/6mm Lens Night Vision: Proprietary technology to eliminate hot-spots Up to 6 cameras with or without microphone
RecordingRecording Modes: Trigger / Continuous Event Triggers: Ignition, door open/close, meter on/off, speed, Panic button, G-Sensor (driver behaviour), etc. Pre and Post Event recording on all triggers
StorageIndustrial-Grade Solid State Flash Memory Tamper-Resistant Security Seal
CommunicationImage Download: RJ45, 10/100Base-T Wireless: 3G/4G for automated Images upload GPS: GPS module for location and Time Sync
ElectricalInput Power: +8VDC to +34VDC Power Consumption: 1A (Operation) Protection: Reverse-polarity, transient & over voltage on all connections