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ZEUS PRO Mobile Digital Video System

ZEUS PRO Mobile Digital Video System


Whether its Wireless & GPS integration, or just basic bare-bones video, the new ZEUS PRO Mobile Digital Video System delivers all the right features in an affordable package for Pupil Transportation, Law Enforcement, Public Safety, and Land Transportation Logistics.

Advanced functioning 30-30 Vision™ provides the best view on ALL cameras. Ground-breaking Hybrid Drive Technology gives you bulletproof durability and massive storage capacity.


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  • Wireless Automation – Video/GPS/Vehicle data automatically delivered to your computer. Manage video and configure systems right from your office
  • Vehicle Battery Protection – Integrated cut-off timer to isolate Camera System from vehicle battery 6 hours after ignition is off
  • Email Warning Notifications – Automatically receive email alerts on your computer or mobile device should any issue arise
  • Dual-Stage Hybrid Drive (DHD) – This innovative technology combines the rugged reliability of Solid-State Drive (SSD) recording with the storage capacity of Hard Disk Drives (HDD) into one single removable unit
  • Over 1-Month of High Quality Video Storage – ZEUS PRO with DHD provide high storage capacity (320GB to 2TB) without compromising on video quality (720 x 480, 30fps)



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Recording Channels4 Video and 4 Audio channelsx
Recording Channels6 video and 6 Audio channelsx
Recording Channels8 video and 8 Audio channelsx
User InterfaceWeb-browser-based with full control and settingx
Data RetrievalRemovable storage device, USB memory stickx
Data RetrievalWirelessx
Auto OverwriteLooped recording mode featurex
Marked Clip ProtectionVideo clips marked by driver are not permitted to be erased until transferredx
320GB HDD720×480, 15FPS, 1.5MBPSx
500GB DHD720×480, 15FPS, 1.5MBPSx
1TB DHD720×480, 15FPS, 1.5MBPSx
2TB DHD720×480, 15FPS, 1.5MBPSx
32G SDHC Flash528×352, 15FPS, 1.0MBPSx
64G SDXC Flash528×352, 15FPS, 1.0MBPSx
60G SATA SSD528×352, 15FPS, 1.0MBPSx
120G SATA SSD528×352, 15FPS, 1.0MBPSx
Face Plate Door LockSecurity without a lock boxx
GPS ReceiverRecords vehicle speed and GIS location datax
Delay Shutdown TimerUser selectable from 5s to 2 hoursx
On-Screen DisplayDate/Time stamp, vehicle ID, sensor status, speed, & GIS info are superimposed on videox
Real-time Clock AccuracyDrift less than 3 min/year and less than 1min/year with GPS optionx
Number of Sensors8 sensor inputs plus driver Event Marker push buttonx
System Status LEDRecording LED, Video Lost LED, System Power On LEDx
Network Interface10/100 base-Tx
Network Interface802.11n WiFix
Operating Temperature-22°F to 149°F with Flash or SSD or DHD Storagex
Operating Temperature-22°F to 122°F with HDDx
Dimensions2.14″ x 6.47″ x 8.63″x
Power RequirementTypical 7W plus 2W per camerax
Over/Under Voltage ProtectionTo mitigate electrical malfunctionsx
Operating Voltage8V to 28Vx
Vehicle Battery ProtectionBuilt-in timer disconnects camera system from battery 6 hours after engine is offx


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