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ZEUS 6S Mobile Digital Video System

ZEUS 6S Mobile Digital Video System

ZEUS 6S (Z6S) is the world’s smallest footprint 6-channel Vehicle-Mounted Digital Video Recorder with integrated lock-box design that is 100% solid state (no moving parts), and supports one month video storage of your school bus.

The compact and durable Z6S mobile DVR can simultaneously record high-quality video and audio, from 8 channels at 720×480 resolution.

Unlike typical hard hard-drive (HDD) video storage devices used by other manufacturers (where if the HDD fails, the camera system stops working), the Z6S has dual solid-state video storage devices to ensure your school bus camera systems always run as expected.


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  • Video/GPS/Vehicle data automatically and wirelessly delivered to your computer
  • Integrated cut-off timer to isolate Camera System from vehicle battery 6 hours after ignition is off
  • Automatically receive email alerts on your computer or mobile device should any issues arise
  • Store one month of high quality video storage
  • Dual solid-state video storage devices



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Video Resolution:Each camera can be independently configured to record at resolution up to 720×480
Frame Rate:Independently configured recording frame rate from 1fps to 30fps
Recording Modes:Automatically starts recording when ignition is on,  or when triggered by sensor input
User Interface:Web-browser-based with full control and setting
Data Retrieval Methods:Removable storage device, USB memory stick, wireless (optional)
Auto Over Write:Yes
Driver Marked Video Clip Protection:Yes, marked video clips by driver or by an event are protected, not erased until removed from DVR using USB memory stick or wireless automation
Video Storage options:32GB/64GB/128GB  SDHX/SDHC, or 60GB/128GB SATA SSD, or 320GB HDD, or 500GB/1TB/2TB DHD (Dual-stage Hybrid Drive)
GPS Receiver:Optional GPS receiver with 15′ cable, recording vehicle speed, GIS locations data, superimposed vehicle speed and GIS location data on video screen. When used with 247Security’s back end software (TouchDown™ server or MiniTrack), user can search for historical information of a vehicle or group of vehicles, what/where/when and how an event took place.
Delay Shutdown Timer:User selectable from 5s to 2 hours
Super-Imposed Data on Video (OSD):Date and time, vehicle ID, sensor status, vehicle speed and GIS data with GPS option installed, fully user configurable
Real Time Clock Accuracy:Drift less than 3minutes per year, Drift less than 1 minute with GPS option
Number of Sensor Inputs:8 sensor inputs plus driver Event Marker push button
System Status LED Indicators:Recording LED, video lost LED, system power on LED
Network Interface:10/100-base-T (Optional 802.11n WiFi)
Operating Temperature:-22°F to 149°F / -30°C to +65°C with Flash or SSD or DHD Storage,              -22°F to 122°F / -30°C to +50°C with HDD Storage, built in heater
Dimensions:2.14″ x  6.47″ x  8.63″ / 5.4cm x 16.4cm x 21.9cm
Weight:3.15lbs. / 1.43kg
Power Requirement:Typical 7W plus 2W per camera
Over/Under Voltage Proctection:Yes, -10V to 150V
Operating Voltage:8V to 28V
Vehicle Battery ProtectionBuilt in timer to disconnect the Camera System from Vehicle battery 6 hours after ignition is off, draws less than 4ma


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