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Taxi and Limo

Taxi, Limousine & Livery Fleet Applications

Our taxi video system acts as a deterrent to passengers who may pose a physical threat or cause a disturbance and captures evidence that helps police prosecute offenders, at the same time protects the privacy of passengers using the taxi service. Whether you’re a taxi driver, passenger or member of a taxi governing body, our TVS product will give you another reason to feel secure in choosing taxi as a transportation service.

Taxi/Limo DVR Systems

  • TVS22: A Taxi/Limo video image recording system specifically designed to capture passenger images for law enforcement only incident reconstruction and evidence
  • TVS6: Our latest Taxi/Limo video image recording system featuring 100% solid state video recording system upgradable from 2 up to 6 cameras at 720×480 resolution

Product Highlight

TVS6 Taxi Camera/Video System


The 247Security Taxi Camera System is specifically designed to capture events which can be used in a court of law to aid in the prosecution of criminal acts committed in and around taxis.

The indisputable evidence captured will prevent fraudulent insurance claims and help reduce your liability.

Driver behavior can also be monitored to identify and correct poor driving habits, which can help prevent accidents before they happen. If a collision or panic situation is detected, the TVS6 will automatically alert the dispatch center; uploading images, GPS location and vehicle status, sent over the cellular network.

The 247Security Taxi Camera System has been proven as an effective camera solution, deployed in multiple cities, with over 15,000 units installed in New York City alone.

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