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Taxi, Limousine & Livery Fleet Applications

Our taxi video system acts as a deterrent to passengers who may pose a physical threat or cause a disturbance and captures evidence that helps police prosecute offenders, at the same time protects the privacy of passengers using the taxi service. Whether you’re a taxi driver, passenger or member of a taxi governing body, our TVS product will give you another reason to feel secure in choosing taxi as a transportation service.

Taxi/Limo DVR Systems

  • TVS22: A Taxi/Limo video image recording system specifically designed to capture passenger images for law enforcement only incident reconstruction and evidence
  • TVS6: Our latest Taxi/Limo video image recording system featuring 100% solid state video recording system upgradable from 2 up to 6 cameras at 720×480 resolution

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The TVS22 is compact and designed for easy installation. The camera head is small and can be mounted above the rearview mirror, side mirrors, or concealed. The unit has no ventilation holes and is designed to operate in the harshest urban conditions.

At the heart of the TVS22 taxi camera system is the same technologies found on our Police In-Car-Video Systems where Image Quality, Public Privacy, Security, Data Encryption, and the Integrity of Chain-Of-Evidence are the prime concerns.

TVS22 employs patent-pending technology that combines software encryption and Electronic Hardware Security Keys to ensure that only law enforcement agencies can view the recorded images, thus ensuring that the privacy of drivers and passengers is not compromised.

The Electronic Hardware Security Key (EHSK) and Password are required to gain access to the TVS22. Each Key has a unique ID, which the TVS22 unit registers each time it is used to gain access to the TVS22. Law Enforcement agencies with their Police key can view images as well as the access-log of the TVS22 unit.

The download process is very quick and secure. Only law enforcement authorities using a Police notebook PC or a Police office PC (with PoliceViewer Software and Police Key installed) can access the TVS22 to view and to retrieve recorded images. The TVS22 can upload to the Police notebook PC or the Police office PC via a network cable at the rate of more than 3000 images per minute.

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