School Bus

School Bus

Pupil Transportation & Paratransit Applications

Whether you’re a bus operator, parent, principal or school board official getting your students to their destination safely and on time is the main focus of the task.

Toronto MicroElectronics mobile DVR systems are designed to capture all activities on the bus during operation such as delinquent passenger behavior, passenger /operator interactions and outside drivers who fail to stop for school bus flashing lights and stop arm deployment.

Whether you are looking to increase the security for your passenger, monitor and track your fleet or increase fuel efficiency, our mobile DVR system can provide you with a complete solution that can provide a measurable return on investment

Product Highlight

ZEUS 6S Mobile Digital Video System

ZEUS 6S (Z6S) is the world’s smallest footprint 6-channel Vehicle-Mounted Digital Video Recorder with integrated lock-box design that is 100% solid state (no moving parts), and supports one month video storage of your school bus.

The compact and durable Z6S mobile DVR can simultaneously record high-quality video and audio, from 8 channels at 720×480 resolution.

Unlike typical hard hard-drive (HDD) video storage devices used by other manufacturers (where if the HDD fails, the camera system stops working), the Z6S has dual solid-state video storage devices to ensure your school bus camera systems always run as expected.

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