Police / Fire / EMS

Police, Fire, EMS

Law Enforcement & Emergency Service Applications

Our in-car digital video system is designed from the ground up to help police officers and public services workers to perform their duties more effectively with greater safety and better access to information. Our varied DVR products for harsh and rugged environments are ideally suited for fire and emergency vehicles and with no operator intervention required. With today’s rapid pace introduction of new advanced high tech products, our goal at Toronto MicroElectronics is to design products that are extremely user friendly to police officers, fire and rescue, and emergency services personnel, while providing state of the art technology that will operate and be available for years to come.

Product Highlight


The PW6 with PANCAM provides the safest way to operate an In-Car Video System with no officer intervention required to get the most complete picture, every time. Patrol Witness’ advanced mobile digital video solutions change the way video enhances officer performance in the field. Our combination of the new PW6 DVR with PANCAM provides the evidence package the industry has been waiting for with officer safety and efficiency in mind. PW6 complies with Federal Rules of Evidence including: Chain-of-Custody of Evidence as well as the IACP in-car video system guidelines.

PW6 Specifications

  • Up to 1080p HD resolution
  • H.264 High Profile Video Compression
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Video events automatically upload to law enforcement agency server using Wireless 802.11n or 4G/LTE
  • ‘JUST IN CASE Recording’: Retrieve un-triggered video events from the previous five (5) shifts, even if the officer forgot to trigger the event.
  • 5” or 8” touch screen display controller
  • Firmware Over the Air (FOTA) for automated firmware upgrades and configuration updates
  • ‘Power LOSS Recording’: continue recording even in the event of power interruption
  • 100% Solid State: Since there’s no moving parts, the system is extremely reliable
  • FAIL SAFE STORAGE to ensure ZERO-DOWN TIME, ZERO LOST EVIDENCE with dual secure high capacity solid state drives
  • Automated emergency event upload to dispatch secure server using 4G/LTE with multiple notification options
  • Automated live tracking, so you’ll know where your vehicles are all the time
  • Live-view at any time from dispatch using 4G/LTE in case of an emergency
  • Designed to meet Military Specification Standards